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Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to earn money on internet at home??

There are many ways to earn money through internet but most useful and easy procedure is earning through your own website or blog.

First of all you have to create your own website or blog. Keep in mind if you have no money to invest then start from “blog” and if you can invest 70$ to 200$/year or more then you can start from your own website.

There are two main steps

to make money with your blog

1. create your blog

2. Register your blog with Google AdSense

See next posts for creating your blog and registering it with Google AdSense

How to create your blog??

There are many sites to create your blog but most popular, as I am also using is http://www.blogger.com/

Follow the following very easy steps to create your blog on blogger.com

First of all choose a topic for your blog then follow these steps.

1. Click on “create blog” button in blogger.com and fill form then click Continue.

2. In next step give your blog title and choose a name for your blog e.g.

In third step choose a template for your blog that you want to use for your pages (you can also choose template later).

4. In next step you will be pushed to a page where you can create and design your page. on this page you can see tabs like "Posting", "Setting", "Layout" etc. Using these tabs you can create your page describing your topic. (note the buttons "Edit Html" and "Compose" on top right side of your compose area)

5. After your page is created you have to publish your page by just pressing "Publish Post" button on lower left of page. That's all, now your blog can be seen by anyone to whom you send link of your blog e.g

Below are two different videos on how to create your blog with http://www.blogger.com/

Precise Video on "How to create your blog with blogger.com"


Detailed video on "How to create your blog with blogger.com"

That's all creating your blog on blogger.com
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